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By cmeadows on Sun, April 2nd

It used to be challenging to get ahold of high-quality Japanese Green tea from outside Japan due to most of the supply being sold domestically. However, in recent years many online vendors have popped up. Those listed here have a direct presence in Japan in some fashion and source from quality farms.


Unlike many of the others here, Yunomi sources from dozens of different farms. Each tea listed will tell you exactly where it came from, and most include a bio to educate you on the location and history of the people producing that tea.

Sugimoto Tea Company

Sourcing from multiple Japanese farms, this tea maker is located in Japan with an office in the US they ship from.

Ippodo Tea

Steeped in tradition, Ippodo Tea has been operating for over three centuries in the heart of Kyoto. Temporarily closed, they also have a storefront in New York.


LUPICIA has probably the largest worldwide presence of the vendors in this list, with store locations in Japan, France, Australia and Hawaii.

Sazen Tea

A tea distributor based out of Kyoto, with teas sourced from '...respected traditional tea factories and skilled artisans across Japan.'

Den's Tea

Teas are sourced from regions of Shizuoka prefecture, where they are packaged by their parent company in Japan and shipped directly to their California location.

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